1. What is happening with XDAT?

XDAT will now be known as 'Tandem' as we are expanding globally.
Tandem will be supporting 50+ countries and their respective fiats. Watch the Video above.

2. When will trading activities suspended on XDAT?

All Trading activities will be suspended from 10/10/ 2019 11:59 PM UTC.

3. What happens to my deposits on XDAT?

Your deposits on XDAT will be accessible on XDAT until 10/10/ 2019 11:59 PM UTC after which it will be accessible on Tandem.

4. What happens to my earnings/rewards on XDAT?

All benefits earned and not used yet on XDAT will be converted into equivalent benefits on Tandem.

5. Do I need to register or complete KYC on Tandem again?

All users on XDAT will automatically become users on Tandem.
No, XDAT users will not have to register on Tandem. For a smoother transition, we will be creating ready-made accounts for all XDAT users on Tandem.

Note: Further on, any user landing on XDAT will be redirected to Tandem.